DPS Phantom 2.0 Review

Permanence • Performance • Environment. That’s what DPS PHANTOM 2.0 is all about. If someone asks you about DPS PHANTOM wax, be sure and tell them that it is NOT WAX. DPS PHANTOM 2.0 is an innovative and permanent, wax-less solution made for the base of your skis or snowboard. DPS has devised a technologically … Continue reading DPS Phantom 2.0 Review

Morsel Spork Review

Morsel Spork sent me the mini and XL versions of their product and boy was I impressed! One thing that I have learned from reviewing outdoor gear is that there are many great products on the market. However, I have also realized that there are some products that really stand out and provide enormous value … Continue reading Morsel Spork Review

Outdoor Research Highcamp 3-finger Gloves

The Bottom Line: As an avid skier and one who has always worn five-fingered gloves, Outdoor Research Highcamp 3-Finger Gloves keep my hands warmer than traditional leather racing gloves. With a use for every sport—alpine or backcountry skiing, winter fat biking, snowshoeing, or other cold weather activities—I came away from this review asking myself, “Why have I never tried mittens … Continue reading Outdoor Research Highcamp 3-finger Gloves