5 Lessons I Am Thankful I Learned This Year


I would like to take a time-out and reflect on some things that I learned this past year. As I sit back in my comfy chair and look out the back porch at Mount Werner in Steamboat Springs, I realize that I have a lot to be thankful for. As you read this, take a step back too and think of the things you have been blessed with this year. Here are 5 lessons I am thankful I learned this year…

Just Start.

This concept revolutionized the way I think about things, especially in my photography business. For so long I had been putzing around taking some pictures and never sharing them with the world. I had some ideas about how I could sell prints and share images on social media, but I just never got around to getting them posted. I also had a desire to fly drones and create some cool videos, but I had stories in my head where I told myself that I didn’t have enough experience or training to produce good content.

This all changed when I decided to put myself out there and do it. I started being more intentional about getting outside and taking photographs. I learned that the more I would get out and shoot, the better I got. I started posting my images on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I took on a couple of photography jobs that were totally outside of my comfort zone and I nailed them. I made enough money from those jobs that I was able to purchase a drone and then I learned how to fly. Once I learned how to fly, I looked into ways that I could make money with my drone. I learned that I needed an FAA Part 107 certificate in order to do that, so what did I do? I studied, sat for the exam and aced it. Now I do drone work for all kinds of businesses.

The key was that I never thought twice about all of these things. I just started, took baby steps, celebrated the successes, learned from mistakes and kept moving toward goals throughout the process.

If you have something that you have been wanting to do, but keep putting it off, just start and see what happens. You will never get anywhere with it unless you put in the effort to get moving.

Be Kind.

I have had people tell me that to get anywhere in life, you do anything it takes to get there, including stomping on others along the way. That is complete B.S. and the worst advice anyone could give.

Pay it forward. Be nice to others and give back. You will get so much more satisfaction in life.

Take the time to care for others around you and I don’t just mean family and friends you already know. Help someone on the street corner. Hold the door open for another. Be kind and strike up a conversation with the person bagging your groceries at the grocery store. Buy a beer for the ski tech that tunes your skis this season. Give your mail person and your milk delivery person a gift card for Christmas. Do you get the idea?

Go out of your way to be nice to someone, even when you are having a bad day. That brings me to the next one…

Have Fun.

“Quit telling yourself that Mondays suck and make them better.”

It’s up to you and it is a choice. The way we act and the attitude we have is a personal choice. We can choose to be grumpy and synical or we can choose to be happy and have fun with the situations we experience in life. I’m not saying everything is peachy keen all the time. Rather, it is up to you to choose joy in the things that life throws at you.

Stop looking at the dark side. Stop bringing others around you down because of your negitivity. Just plain stop.

I learned this concept In San Diego at High 5 Leadership and it has completely changed my life. If you are looking to better yourself next year, I highly recommend you invest in this course. It will change your life in many ways and bring you immense value. I will link to their website in the comments below, but for now, keep on reading. We are almost to the end of this article.

Be Yourself.

As I look back on my life, I see times when I tried to do things that I really didn’t enjoy because I thought those things would make me successful. It turns out that those things were just a waste of time and I could have been using that time for other life fulfilling activities.

The best version of yourself is you.

Don’t try and impress others by being something you are not. People see right through that.

Be you. Do you. Share what you are passionate about. Go all out! 

Get Outdoors.

Last, but definitely not least, is that I have learned to get outside more. I have found that the more I do this simple thing, the better I feel.

Getting outside forces our bodies to move and with movement comes better health.

Here are a few more benefits that scientists say we realize when we get out into the great outdoors:

  • Reduced stress
  • Increased weight loss
  • Stronger immune system
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Increase in Vitamin D intake
  • Better memory and attention span
  • Improved self-esteem

When you embark on an outdoor activity, you automatically embrace adventure. You don’t have to be on a multi-day trip in the wilderness or on a mountaineering trip to Mount Everest.

Getting outside can be as simple as walking in the park, visiting a waterfall or doing some light trail running.

For more tips on this topic, check out my article, 5 Excuses That Keep You From Getting Outdoors

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Are there things that you learned this past year? What are you thankful for? Share your comments with us below. It will help us all grow together!

How To Get Ready For Ski Season


So you are a little behind this year on training your body to handle all of the strains that ski season puts on your core, legs, knees and feet. Don’t worry. It is not too late!

I’m using the term “ski season” generically here, so all of you snowboarders out there, don’t be offended. This article is for you too!

Here are some suggestions that will help you get ready to shred the gnar at your favorite resort or in the backcountry.

Mind Over Matter

The most important piece of advice that I can give you is to train your mind. You’ve got to get out of bed in the morning and start working on your body, consistently. If you are not a morning person, put your exercise routine on your schedule. If you don’t, other things in life will take precedence and it won’t happen. Be intentional with your training and I promise, you will see great benefits!


Cardio – You’ve got to take your cardio game to the next level. Doing activities that increase your heart rate and push your body to its limits are essential here.

  • Go for a long run or winter bike ride – 2x/week
  • Workout at your local Cycle Bar – they will push and motivate you – 2x/week
  • Do burpees and super set them with jumping jacks – 3 reps of 60 seconds, 3x/week

Core & Strength – Here are some exercises you can do at home to get in shape for ski season.

  • Monday
    • Complete 3 cycles of the activities below, each at 30 sec
    • Jog in place for active rest in-between each exercise below
    • Alternating side lunge and core rotations
    • On your back bicycles
    • Alternating squat kicks
    • 3 punch and high-knee pulls
    • Burpees with no jumping
  • Tuesday
    • Complete 3 cycles of the activities below, each for 12 reps
    • Jog in place for active rest in-between each exercise below – 30 sec
    • Dumbbell row push-ups
    • Alternating dumbbell lunges with bicep curls
    • Standing dumbbell presses
    • Leaning dumbbell rows
    • Standing dumbbell tricep extensions
    • Dumbbell ab twists
  • Wednesday
    • Complete 5 cycles of the activities below, each for 20 seconds
    • Superset – jumping jacks and prison squats
    • Superset – high knee taps and chair step ups
    • Superset – commando planks and reverse crunches
  • Thursday
    • Complete 5 cycles of the activities below, each at 10 reps with 10 standing knee to elbow crunches in-between each activity.
    • Lateral lunges
    • Decline push-ups
    • Reverse plank kicks
    • Bench dips
    • Shoulder touch planks
  • Friday
    • Complete 3 cycles of the following, each at 10 reps
    • Superset – floor dumbbell flys and floor dumbbell presses
    • Superset – standing shoulder presses and lateral dumbbell raises until failure
    • Superset – dumbbell tricep kick backs and overhead tricep extensions
  • Saturday
    • Complete 3 cycles of the following, each at 10 reps
    • Superset – alternating side leg lifts with dumbbells and then sumo squats
    • Superset – glute bridges with dumbbells and then chair squats
    • Superset – calf raises and reverse dumbbell lunges
  • Sunday – take the day off so your body can rest and recuperate!



If your equipment is not in tip-top shape, you are in for a lousy season. Get some tuning gear and learn how to tune your skis, snowboard or split board. If you don’t have the extra time to devote to ski tuning each year, let your local professional ski shop take care of your tuning for you.


Be sure that you have a safe, reliable means of transportation into the mountains. Check your tires each season to make sure you have enough tread. I highly recommend spending the extra money for a set of winter snow tires. They make a big difference over all-season tires for driving on icy and snow packed roads.

In addition, stock your car with essentials you might need along the snowy roadways. Make sure you have an emergency kit in your car at all times, along with a shovel, cooler of food/water and a sleeping bag for each passenger.

Anything else?

What have I missed? Tell us in the comments below and help others prepare for a great ski season this winter!