OtterBox Elevation 64 Growler Review

Otter Products gave me the Elevation 64 Growler for this review and I’m also disclosing up front that I am a part of #TeamOtterBox and am an #OtterBoxEmployee. I do my best to get past any biases I have toward Otter Products brands in these reviews and I also write reviews for other outdoor brands.

One thing that I have learned from this particular review is that I should always have extra water with me in the car, on the field and out in the wilderness. I often have neglected having extra water with me due to weight in my bag or just due to sheer laziness. I will no longer head out for an adventure without extra water.

Read on if you want to hear how my experience was with the Elevation 64 Growler.

The Elevation 64 Growler is great for carrying extra water during long excursions and keeps it ice cold for a long period of time. The same would be true for keeping hot drinks hot, all day long. However, I only tested cold water in the Growler for this review.


⛺️ Outdoor overnights, car camping, sporting events and cross-country road trips. Oh yea, I almost forgot –  take it to your local pub and get it filled up with your favorite beer!


$69.99 (64 ounce) Available in stainless steel


My overall experience with this rugged OtterBox Growler was a great one. I put this growler to the test on a four hour hike in the Colorado outdoors and during multiple lacrosse games as a bottle re-filler for my son’s team. I guess you could call me the team water boy.

The first impression that I received during unboxing was good. The packaging was simple, yet stylish and the directions were easy to follow. Honestly, it’s a growler, so the most helpful instructions were how to keep it clean.

The growler came with their basic screw-in lid and has a plastic loop on the top. I found that even upside down in my bag for an extended period of time, the lid did not leak at all.

On the outside, the stainless steel finish glistens in the sun and looks pretty cool. However, I would prefer some additional color options because I can’t stand how stainless shows fingerprints. This is just a personal preference.

Here’s a quick list of features listed on the OtterBox website:

  • 100% stainless steel for years of use and abuse
  • Internal copper lining maintains ideal temp
  • Screw-on, leak-proof lid — not a drop is lost
  • Sweat-resistant design, leaves no rings
  • Keeps liquids cold up to 7 days
  • Backed by OtterBox Limited Lifetime Warranty



Get rid of those ugly fingerprints by periodically rubbing a light coat of Orange Glo furniture polish on the outside of the growler. This works great for preparing it for pictures. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to do this before the photographs I captured.


👍 Lightweight, rugged design.

It is amazing how long it keeps water ice cold!

👎 One color.  The stainless steel color is nice,  but it shows those ugly fingerprints. It would be better in some trendy, powder coated colors. Realtree camo would also be a hit in the outdoor market (hint, hint).


  • Height:
    11 Inches
  • Volume:
    64 Ounce

The OtterBox Elevation Growler. Fill it up and enjoy cold or hot drinks for days! Head on over to their site now and check ’em out.

➳ Otter Products, LLC provided equipment and associated materials for this review. John LaGuardia is an employee of Otter Products. All photos are a courtesy of LaGuardia Adventure Photography.