OtterBox Soft Cooler Review – Trooper LT30

📸: John LaGuardia

A shout out to Otter Products, makers of the OtterBox outdoor line of coolers. They sent me the Trooper LT30 for this review and I’m proud to also say that I am an #otterboxambassador and #otterboxemployee. I do my best to get past any biases I have toward Otter Products brands in these reviews and I also write reviews for other outdoor brands.

Before using this soft cooler, I had purchased the Venture 45 hard cooler and used two different hard cooler samples on my outdoor adventures. One thing that I have learned from this review is that the OtterBox soft coolers truly are the bomb! They are burly and have the quality built in that you would expect from their products while being much lighter than hard-side coolers. 

Read on if you want to hear how my experience was with the Trooper LT30 soft cooler.

The Trooper is great for outdoor microadventures and can be used along the trail in all sorts of weather that mother nature can throw at you. It is a soft cooler that can be carried on your back and can be used to keep your food and drink cool while enjoying the great outdoors. 


⛺️ Lunch hikes, picnics at the park, quick outdoor overnights, family sporting events, fishing trips and road trips.


$299.99 (30 quart) Available in Hazy Harbor (tested) and Alpine Ascent.  

$349.99 (30 quart) Alternate colors and price point in Forest Edge (Realtree), Shoreside and Desert Oasis.


My overall experience with the Trooper LT30 was a good one. I put this cooler to the test on a picnic in the Colorado outdoors and during multiple road trips into the higher elevations of the Rocky Mountains. 

The first impression that I received during unboxing was a great one. I was impressed with how light the Trooper was in comparison to the Venture hard coolers. It was also impressive to see how the shoulder and backpack straps were integrated together and fully adjustable. Some great engineering went into this design. Included on the inside of the cooler was a bottle opener attachment, information on the basic features and instructions on how to use the adjustable strap system.  

Also on the inside of the cooler was a unique yellow liner with a fill line for ice. Since the soft cooler folds when opening and closing, I had to be careful not to fill ice past the fill line. Otherwise, it would not close properly.   

Accessing the inside of the cooler was a bit tricky. I found the compound latch mechanism on the top of the cooler to be a bit confusing at first. The trick was to line up the notches on both sides in the closing grove before trying to snap it closed. Opening this latch proved to be a breeze, even with one hand.

The cooler’s 2″ wide shoulder straps were very comfortable even with a heavier load. I did not experience any muscle fatigue or pain with the straps. The straps have an ingenious design where they can be converted back and forth between shoulder carry and backpack carry configurations. As I was testing this product, my preference was the backpack carry configuration. 

The only disappointment that I had with this cooler was that I found myself wanting additional space. An extra 5 – 10L of space would be amazing.

The front of the cooler has two zippered, waterproof pockets and a unique mounting system that can be used for carrying accessories. The pockets are just the right size for small items like a wallet or car keys.

Here’s a few highlights: 

  • 30 qt capacity with food-grade liner
  • Quickly convert from shoulder carry to backpack carry
  • Wide opening for easy access
  • Leakproof seal secures contents
  • Accessory mounting system
  • Water resistant exterior pockets
  • Premium grade thermal insulation
  • Keeps ice up to 3+ days
  • Solid, heavy-duty base


At the time of writing this article, the cooler only came with a side attached bottle opener. Currently on the OtterBox website, they are including a carabiner style, bottle opener accessory.


👍 Lightweight, rugged design.

👍 Reliable cold storage for 3+ days.

👎 Latch is a little tricky to close.



21.00” L x 17.00” W x 11.00” D

Weight: 6.69 lb / 3.04 kg

The OtterBox Trooper LT30 Soft Cooler. You may have just found your perfect adventure cooler! Head on over to their site now and check ’em out. 

➳ Otter Products, LLC provided equipment and associated materials for this review. John LaGuardia is an employee of Otter Products. All photos are a courtesy of LaGuardia Adventure Photography.

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I believe that I have finally found the best wall charging cube and usb lightning cable on the market! When you hear the name OtterBox, you normally think of mobile phone cases, but they are changing the game with rough and tough accessories for mobile charging too.

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Great for traveling, road trips (with car charging adapter) and in-home charging.


$24.95 USB Wall Charger

$34.95 3M/10FT Lightning Connector To USB Cable

My Review:

My overall experience with these two products was a great one. I put them to test in my photography studio and in my Subaru Outback.

In the studio, I pulled the cable out of the packaging and immediately found that it had a solid feel to it, the kind of durability you expect from OtterBox. It didn’t feel flimsy like other cables I have purchased at the big box retail stores or online. The junction of the connector and the cable itself is beefy and tapered with strong material that seems like it will last 10x longer than the cables I normally buy. With this material, it is virtually impossible to kink the cable or bend it where most other cables normally break.

I also found the wall charger to be small and light. The cool thing about the little cube, is its 2.4 AMP throughput which charged my phone in a freaky fast manner. It had the ability to charge either an iPhone or an iPad without having to switch to the manufacturer’s bulky charging brick. Finally, a fast, powerful charger with a small footprint. Love it!

In the car, I plugged the USB side of the cable into the factory USB port in my Subaru. It seamlessly connected my phone to the in-stereo menu and I immediately had fast connectivity to my music. Not much more to say here other than the fact that I felt confident that it wouldn’t break with multiple plug-ins and disconnects in my car.

These two products display great design and durability that not only exceeded my expectations, but looked cool doing it too. The grey and black color way looks stylish along with the patterned material around the connectors. It would be nice if they came in some cool colors too. Hint, hint OtterBox.


If you constantly find yourself in need of charging on the go, purchase the USB Car Charger from OtterBox in addition to your home charger. It also charges at 2.4 AMPs!


👍 size of charging cube, durability of cable, speed of charging and great design

👎 lack of additional stylish colors


  • Lightweight
  • Charging at 2.4 AMPs
  • 2 Lengths of cable in 1M and 3M options

The OtterBox USB Wall Charger and 3M/10FT Lightning Connector To USB Cable. I strongly recommend you use these at home, in the car and on your next traveling adventure!

➳ Otter Products, LLC provided equipment and associated materials for this review. John LaGuardia is an employee of Otter Products. All photos are a courtesy of LaGuardia Adventure Photography.