Grangers Down Care Kit Review

Grangers sent me their Down Care Kit and I gave it a try in my home washing machine. This product was a breeze to use and only took one wash cycle!

Meet Wash + Repel.

For this review, I tested Grangers’ Down Care Kit on my North Face Thermoball jacket before going outdoors on a photography shoot.


⛑ This solution has been specially designed to restore loft while cleaning and proofing down insulation in your favorite outdoor garments.


$17.47 – includes formula and three dryer balls


My overall experience with this Down Care Kit was a good one. As I used this product, I was reminded how much I tend to neglect cleaning my outdoor gear, especially my down jackets and sleeping bags. With Grangers’ Down 2 In 1 Kit, I now have no excuse.

The first thing I noticed about the kit were the unique dryer balls that are included in the box. They add some excitement to a seemingly dull and boring washing process. The dryer balls look cool, feel great in the hand and you can juggle them while you wait for your washer load to complete its wash cycle.

Seriously though, this kit was very simple and straight forward. After pulling the bottle and the three dryer balls out of the box, I followed the clear instructions on the back of the box. In summary, the instructions on the box are as follows:

  • 2 caps of liquid per jacket or 3 caps per sleeping bag
  • Place item into washing machine and run a 30 degree Celsius cycle (86 degrees Fahrenheit) with slow spin
  • Tumble dry on low/medium for best results

I let the washer do its job and then my wife tossed the jacket and the dryer balls into the electric dryer. Although the instructions also mention to periodically check the garment and separate the down to avoid clumping, we missed that step. The jacket still turned out just fine out of the dryer, but I could see where this would be important with a larger, outdoor product such as a sleeping bag.

Here’s a quick list of features listed on the Grangers website:

  • Specially formulated to clean all down and down-filled articles
  • Maximizes breathability
  • Powerful cleaning
  • Durable water-repellency
  • Bluesign® approved


When I last checked, this product was no longer available on the REI website. However in the United States, you can pick it up for a few dollars less on Amazon.


👍 Easy to use with a washing machine

👍 Instructions are easy to follow.

👍 Adds water repellency to down insulated clothing

👎 A discrepancy exists between the instructions on the box and the instructions that are published on the Grangers website. This has to do with the amount of liquid to use in the washing machine. I chose to fill only one cap for this test and review which worked out great.


  • Volume: 10 fluid ounces
  • Sustainability: Meets Bluesign® criteria

Grangers’ Down Care Kit. An awesome way to maximize the performance of your insulated down clothing in an easy-to-use, washing machine compatible liquid. Head on over to their site  now and check ’em out.

➳ Grangers provided equipment and associated materials for this review. All photos are a courtesy of LaGuardia Adventure Photography. That’s me!